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For whatever reason, resistance has been a theme for me for the past month. Between training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon and attending a HR professional training class, resistance had almost taken me down.

So much so, that there were a few moments where I wanted to quit everything. Quit CrossFit. Quit training for the half marathon. Refuse to go to another HR training class.

Yes, the stress and pressure of trying to make it all fit into the schedule seemed a bit overwhelming. Add on struggling through my initial 8 mile long run. Throw in feedback I received during the HR certification training that I perceived to be a bit over the top and harsh.

There I was at my breaking point where quitting everything seemed like the best solution. Until I realized that it’s not, of course. That’s when I had to take a step back and observe myself.

The reality was resistance was showing up to have me consider my commitment and willingness to move forward despite the obstacles, my insecurities, my fears.

Once I stepped back, I knew that I needed to…
• Cultivate more patience with my progress in CrossFit and cut back on my sugar intake.

• Prepare better for my next long run by replenishing electrolytes during run, run earlier in the day, and give myself 2 days off from running before a long run.

• Acknowledge my insecurities and fears. Honor my emotions. Let the crying out and the release of sadness and disappointment flow through me. (A good cry is so healing!)

• Recognize that my demanding training schedule for the half marathon was temporary and I was about 3-4 weeks away from crossing that finish line at the Brooklyn Half!

Appreciate that resistance comes right before conquering what’s holding me back.

Back to when I was in NJ for the HR training, I had a few breakthroughs. I’d like to share one of these with you.

As I headed out leaving the hotel for my 6 mile run in the late afternoon, I hooded up my grey sweatshirt, to face the dropped temp of 48 degrees, gust of winds up to 20mph, and intermittent rain drops that started to fall.

I heard my inner voice tell me, “Run into the Resistance” and “Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable.” Ah, my run mantras, I needed you. Now I was ready. With running and mantras, I was able to conquer what was holding me back.

And I, like you, have a choice to make when lovely resistance makes a grand appearance into our lives. Lean in or do our best to pretend we never felt it. Many times we hope it doesn’t show up ever again.

Because resistance is powerful! It makes us question the core of who we are and what we really desire. It brings up much self-doubt and reluctance. Truly, who wants to feel this way?

However, when choosing to pretend resistance didn’t come and knock us off our feet, means we miss out. Underneath it all, there’s a lesson and something that needs to be released. So ignoring it will not serve you well.

Instead I invite you the next time resistance comes into your life to simply lean in.
In that moment, get curious and ask what you need to learn from it. (The lesson I need to learn is…)
Ask what you need to release. Honor all of it. (What I need to let go of is…)
I promise the uncomfortable feeling won’t last forever.
And in doing so, that’s when the positive shift happens.
This is when you overcome your personal road blocks and fears.
Finally, before you know it, you’ll feel remarkably lighter, calmer, and happier.

Resistance has the power to change us for the better. That’s if we leverage it the right way, to our advantage. Leaning in allows us to step into who we are meant to be fully. It allows us to let go more. It allows us to trust more. We become more courageous and take more risks.

May you lean into resistance. May you conquer your inner negative self-talk. May you show up expressing more of your authentic truth knowing it will liberate you. Namaste loves!

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