My Real Reasons for Traveling the World Fearlessly…

Sarina as a Class Speaker for High School Seniors at Half Hollow Hills West, Dix Hills, NY 4/2014
Sarina as a Class Speaker for High School Seniors at Half Hollow Hills West, Dix Hills, NY 4/2014

Impressive and so very fortunate! Those were my thoughts on learning how world traveled the High School Students are from Half Hollow Hills West when I spoke with them last week! I went in assuming I may need to convince them to get a plane to see another country. Well, I so underestimated the response I would get from asking the question, how many of you have traveled out of the country?

Nearly half the class of 40 students! And the places they’ve already visited: France, England, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Israel, Germany, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Aruba. One student has even decided to postpone college and enrolled into a year-long travel program!

Simply A-MAZING and such a courageous decision!

I continued on with the discussion sharing with the seniors how I’ve [Continue Reading...]

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Manifesting Your Presence of Greatness!

Johnston Canyon in Alberta, Canada - 8/2013
Johnston Canyon in Alberta, Canada - 8/2013

Ever try to call in what you desired to only have it disappear from your life, right before you had a chance to really experience all the magnificence of that moment, relationship, or opportunity? It feels so incomplete, so wrong, so unfair, so awful, and so heartbreaking. And you just miss it and would do about anything to get it back. This definitely happens. Many of us have been there. I’ve definitely been there on numerous occasions –with relationships, job opportunities, a dream finally about to be realized, then I lose it and I’m devastated.

Really the key here is to know: Just as you could bring forth or manifest what you want, at the same time you can manifest failure or disappointment shortly thereafter. How so? With internal blocks, like [Continue Reading...]

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40-day Practice for More Love, Abundance, and Results in Your Life!

Kripalu Center Retreat  6/2013
Kripalu Center Retreat 6/2013

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always struggled with my desire to be perfect and accepted by others. Out of that need, came this enormous pressure and self-criticism when I wasn’t meeting those impossible expectations. Another self-limiting belief that I’ve given into has been the, “I’m not good enough” feeling. Then at times, I’ve literally torture myself when I’ve made a mistake by obsessing over what happened, rather than letting it go.

Does any of this seem familiar to you? One thing’s for sure, I know I’m not alone here with this negative self-talk. Maybe you can relate to one of these or have a different negative self-talk you tell yourself.

Sometimes getting to the root of the problem helps us understand why we think and do certain things. Though [Continue Reading...]

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When You Don’t Get What You Want…

iStock_door gate opportunities v3

The moment when reality sets in and you come to know that you didn’t get what you truly wanted.

This happened to me last weekend. The announcement was made about the winners of the Hay House Writer’s Workshop contest and my book proposal wasn’t selected.

Was I disappointed about missing this chance to be published with Hay House? Absolutely! Was I devastated about the news? Surprisingly, no. And really because I didn’t place all my hopes and dreams on this one opportunity, my first attempt of going after my dream of becoming an author.

Because I wasn’t so attached to the outcome of, it has to be this-opportunity-right-here-right-now. Because from the beginning I always saw this writer’s workshop contest as a deadline to get me to finally commit to writing my book proposal. [Continue Reading...]

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How to Solve Your Biggest Problems with Adventures (11 Ideas Included)!

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua 
GAdventures Central America Tour - 1/2013
Ometepe Island, Nicaragua GAdventures Central America Tour - 1/2013

Perhaps you’re single having trouble finding the right person for you or maybe you’re just experiencing some tension in your current relationship. Ever had to deal with a friendship that you’ve out grown? I know, really difficult to make that decision and communicate that truth.

What about… Facing career inner conflict because you’re feeling stuck in a job that isn’t using your talents or feeling just burned out. Perhaps, those damn fears and doubts (and excuses) keep getting the best of you and bringing you to the same tormented situation again and again, leaving you asking, why? Otherwise, maybe it’s just that life has been the same routine for way too long and you feel as if your life is lacking excitement.

Could one or more of these scenarios be yours?

Well, if that’s [Continue Reading...]

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