Laos - GAdventures SE Asia Tour - 2/2012
Laos - GAdventures SE Asia Tour - 2/2012

Sacrificing anything and everything to get my book proposal done, that’s how passionate I was about it. Though, I never realized how this promise, the stress and major sleep deprivation (consistently getting less than 5/6 hours) would impact my health. Sure, my daily dose of green juice and eating more of an alkaline diet kept the flu and even strep throat away when my sister, Amanda, came down with it. But my body couldn’t recover and it absolutely needed to.

Never mind, the warning signs to change something or to take a sick day: the irritability, not being able to think straight, and my heart racing on exhaustion overdrive that it had difficulty shifting down a few gears!

Yes, I survived, though the lack of sleep is nothing to be proud of. Acknowledge, Forgive, and Change the approach.

Recognizing this, I promised myself I would change my ways with sleep and take a step back from some commitments. And I have. It was seriously unsustainable and compromising before. Though at times, I admit feeling guilty for not doing enough and I feel like I should be further along than where I am.

Then I remember, sometimes doing less is actually doing more. To invite what you want into your life, have a place for it to come into.

Of course, I got ahead of myself and thought I was in the clear, and started to preplan my schedule for weeks and months to come. And guess what? It seemed as if everything I was planning had to be shifted in one way or another.

Earlier this month, a hiking trip for a gorgeous spring Saturday afternoon had to be postponed. Recovery was in order that weekend, rather than convincing myself I felt good enough and overdoing it for a challenging 8 mile hike. Knowing our limits and when to take a step back is key to maintaining our health. Some limits are not worth sacrificing.

My next big travel adventure was supposed to be trekking Machu Picchu in Peru (a hiking marathon over 3 days and camping at night). Except when the Inca trail permits initially available for mid-late August then became mid-late Sept when I was ready to book, I had to rethink that one.

Turkey and Sailing the Greek Islands it will be then, I thought. Except the schedules were off again and being away for four weeks wasn’t quite working or feeling right. Intuitively, it came to me, the idea of asking Abby, a new friend, to join me. And there you would have it that the GAdventures tour to Turkey for 15 days in August matched up perfectly with Abby’s schedule. Finally synchronicity with the vacation plan!

And since I didn’t reschedule the hike for this weekend, an amazing volunteer opportunity flowed into my life that I immediately knew I had to be there. I was able to say YES to support the ladies I admire who are the self-empowering leaders, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs at the REVEAL event this Saturday. Precisely one way of how intentionally inviting what you want into your life and having a place for it to come into is all about!

Courageous & Remarkable Ones Remember this:
Some limits are not worth sacrificing.
ReThink, ReDesign, Eliminate, Say No (Share this C&R Self Tweetable!)

ReThink how necessary is it right now, align to what authentically is right for you.
ReDesign your life, your arrangements, your plan.
Eliminate or postpone to a later time.
Say No, politely decline in a gracious way, with or without reason.

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