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Sometimes breaking free requires us to set new and clear boundaries with ourselves and others. By accepting certain behavior that doesn’t feel right, you allow yourself to receive less in return.

Instead stand up for yourself and recognize your self-worth. Speak your truth and that will set you free!

Sometimes we intentionally block abundance and flow of desires being realized, because we’re waiting for a certain time or someone else to be the answer to our prayers, so we choose to hide rather than show up completely as ourselves.

Instead choose ways you can show up completely every day. Expand on this practice so that your authentic self and passion for life begin to conquer your fears and excuses. Take responsibility for what you want!

Sometimes we obsess over a certain outcome happening or all the possible what ifs, that we’re so caught up in our own heads. We find ourselves getting in our own way and being unable to make a decision.

Instead Manifest rather than Obsess. Set the right intention, take the right actions, and hold your expectations loosely by not being too attached to the outcome and the how and when.

Sometimes we’re so consumed with what others think that we could easily forget to really live.

Instead practice authentically living from that place of intuitive self and what feels and makes sense to you. Think about what you would regret, if you choose not to embrace Authentically Living. Is a life of regret what you want for yourself?

Sometimes we’re so focused on the lack in our lives or suffer from I-haven’t-arrived-there-yet-syndrome (I know I have!) that we miss the blessings we already have to appreciate and what we can do now before we arrive.

Instead practice gratitude for what you have right now, get into that emotion, to expand and recreate more goodness in your life! Make a list of what you desire when you arrive and forget waiting, find a way and do them now!

Sometimes things happen to us, so we are forced to slow down, take notice, and recognize the lesson. Instead of resisting or denying the wake up moment that may have literally knocked us off our feet, do the internal work to come back even stronger and go out living and serving bigger!

Sometimes we have to be honest with ourselves about how and where we are holding ourselves back from truly living intentionally. See what is being reflected back at you in your life through others, as it reflects some inner truths and beliefs.

Again, take responsibility by recognizing how you’re contributing to this outcome.

Sometimes we have to accept that there may not be any good fair reason for what happened to us or in our lives. Instead we must find a healthy way through it and the resilience to conquer.

Sometimes we have to go to that place of feeling the sadness, disappointment, devastation, and/or anger, in order to allow ourselves to see what fears and excuses lie beneath and to heal this, so we can finally shift forward.

Instead of numbing out to emotions, let yourself experience it in a private one-on-one time with yourself. Promise yourself that you’ll be aware and open to what comes up. Once you feel the release of emotions, then get yourself out of there pronto by doing things to nurture yourself and make you feel happy and appreciative.

What I’ve come to realize and experience are all these truths above. Once we commit to showing up and owning our greatness (little by little and more and more each day), even when we feel our spirit for life is being tested to its ultimate limit, then fears will start to diminish, the empowerment rush comes through, and you’ll feel a deeper connection to yourself that Living Authentically becomes your approach to life!

Accept change will happen. Create your own change in your life. Know every moment that happens is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Make deliberate choices and speak up. Reveal the truths to receive more what your heart desires. The power to choose is always available to you. Your spirit for life is always there. And I honor you for embracing your Courageous & Remarkable Self! Namaste!

C&R Self Mantra: Acceptance for who I am, everything I am, where I am.

Chant this mantra in your head while walking, running, practicing yoga, or spin class, and when moments of anxiety come up for you. Being out in nature is remarkable way to really connect to self-mantras and yourself! Literally, you’ll feel the shift resonate right through you. Then come back and tell us about it and what other awareness came up for you.

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