Johnston Canyon in Alberta, Canada - 8/2013
Johnston Canyon in Alberta, Canada - 8/2013

Ever try to call in what you desired to only have it disappear from your life, right before you had a chance to really experience all the magnificence of that moment, relationship, or opportunity? It feels so incomplete, so wrong, so unfair, so awful, and so heartbreaking. And you just miss it and would do about anything to get it back. This definitely happens. Many of us have been there. I’ve definitely been there on numerous occasions –with relationships, job opportunities, a dream finally about to be realized, then I lose it and I’m devastated.

Really the key here is to know: Just as you could bring forth or manifest what you want, at the same time you can manifest failure or disappointment shortly thereafter. How so? With internal blocks, like anxiety or fears and/or doubts getting in your way, these become stronger than your desire.

About a week ago at the Miracles Now Workshop in NYC, I listened to my guru/mentor, Gabby Bernstein share her insight on Manifesting Mishaps. All of a sudden, it made perfect sense why this happens to us and it really resonated with me deeply. So much so, that I had to disclose this to you.

I nodded my head in utter agreement with tears in my eyes when Gabby revealed to all of us, “You sabotage what you want because you haven’t cleared the blocks.” Oh my, that’s so true and me! It was what I needed to hear. Because admittedly, I’ve had my share of sabotage and not intentionally, but more so out of fear or self-limiting beliefs that I allowed to take me down.

Wow, my moment of great awareness of why! I could recall a few relationships in the last several years, where I told the Universe I was ready for great love, felt really connected to that feeling, and then the right guy appeared matching what I desired. Afterwards, he disappeared with my sabotaging thoughts and anxiety that came up when things started to get more serious.

Did I call it in too soon before I was really ready to receive it? What did I need to learn from this? What did I still need to release that was holding me back, so I wouldn’t have fear or anxiety about the relationship I desired when it arrived?

What’s most important is that I now have the practice, the meditations, the workshops, that I can call on a regular basis and when I’m relapsing into these undesirable behaviors. I can now focus on “Manifesting my Presence of Greatness”, as Gabby would say, rather than coming from a place of wanting something to make me complete or happy. Focus on being and showing up with my inner vibrant self. That’s what I can control and do well while being loving, compassionate, and forgiving towards myself!

And if you like, you can join me in a similar practice with Gabby’s latest book, Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose, out on April 8th. I’m waiting in anticipation for my pre-ordered copy to come!

Even better as a bonus, when you order Gabby’s book, you’ll get access to the recording of the Miracles Now workshop I attended, Gabby’s top 3 meditations for manifesting, and her 5 key exercises for manifesting your desires.

Now’s the time for you to Step into your Powerful Presence! Namaste!

C&R Self-Mantra: Releasing the when and how of what I desire! That’s what I’m surrendering today. I’m manifesting my presence of greatness here and now!

Chant this mantra in your head while walking, running, practicing yoga, or spin class, and when moments of anxiety come up for you.

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