Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Let Go…

Shambala Petit Resort in Tulum, Mexico - January 2015 - Christine Hassler's Retreat
Shambala Petit Resort in Tulum, Mexico - January 2015 - Christine Hassler's Retreat

While on Christine Hassler’s New Year, Be You Retreat in Tulum, Mexico last month, I allowed myself to indulge in a little Reiki healing treatment. It seemed like the perfect relaxing way to release any negative energy that may have been stuck in my body. It was my first time and I was really open to the experience.

Acupuncture is another holistic treatment that I’ve come to rely on over the years for a similar reason and other health reasons – sinus headaches, digestion troubles, healing of sprain ankles, to name a few. I was curious enough to compare the two treatments and to see how this could serve me well, whether it be a one time thing or something I’d continue with after the retreat.

To begin with, the Reiki Master [Continue Reading...]

Expectations Be Gone!


Gandhi, respected spiritual/political leader and humanitarian said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Meaning lead by example, be a role-model. Focus inward, rather than trying to control what’s outward. Living and being self-disciplined, despite how you view external factors right now.

Being more connected with ourselves. Allowing others to find their way in their own time. Especially the people close to us. Releasing attachment of our expectations for how people show up in their own lives. And truth-be-told, I catch myself falling back into this pattern of holding on to expectations I see for others. Between you and me, it’s a difficult one to master. I keep practicing.

And the opposite of being in this practice, convincing others the expectations you have for yourself is just [Continue Reading...]

Let Someone else Shine…


What if right now isn’t your time to be in the spotlight? I know you might be thinking that’s not what I want to hear. I can relate to that impatience or frustration as well. Later on here I share a personal story of how I was able to embrace the approach of letting someone else shine and how you can do the same.

For the moment though, honestly consider this possibility. Especially if you’re seeking to climb to the highest level in your career/business or make a dream a reality or have that desired romantic relationship with a partner that truly knows and supports you.

You may actually be setting all the right intentions, taking all the right actions and even seeing results. You may secretly desire to be recognized as [Continue Reading...]

Why I’m Letting Go of Long-Term Goals…

Make It Happen

When it comes to trying something new or embracing change or facing our fears, I’ve come to realize that sometimes it’s best and most successful to only commit to right now and short term. As in this day, this week, the next 2 weeks, the next month, or the next 3 months.

Because over-thinkers like myself, have a tendency to talk ourselves out of something before we even give it a chance.

How could this possibly work with my schedule?
What will I have to give up or change?
How will I be able to sustain this commitment?
Will this allow for flexibility in my life?

So let me walk you through my 5-step practical approach that I’ve used more recently when I evaluated whether or not to give CrossFit, skill-building and interval training [Continue Reading...]

Waking up to Your Life…

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That moment when…Comparison and Keeping-up-with-everyone-else feeling begins to dissipate. Oh, how liberating it is to show up this way in life wherever we may be and whoever we may be with. When this happens, there’s this distinct knowing and happy feeling that positive change has occurred for you.

Something new is on the horizon, because you are being more present in the moment and open to receiving it. That is what we call a Positive Shift. Because something changed on the outside that reflects your newer internal way of being, your mind shifted, and your presence shifted.

And a few weeks ago, I experienced just that. After reactivating my gym membership (run and practice yoga in the warmer months), I returned back to the gym for Spin class and Vinyasa Yoga. Actually, [Continue Reading...]