Ometepe Island, Nicaragua 
GAdventures Central America Tour - 1/2013
Ometepe Island, Nicaragua GAdventures Central America Tour - 1/2013

Perhaps you’re single having trouble finding the right person for you or maybe you’re just experiencing some tension in your current relationship. Ever had to deal with a friendship that you’ve out grown? I know, really difficult to make that decision and communicate that truth.

What about… Facing career inner conflict because you’re feeling stuck in a job that isn’t using your talents or feeling just burned out. Perhaps, those damn fears and doubts (and excuses) keep getting the best of you and bringing you to the same tormented situation again and again, leaving you asking, why? Otherwise, maybe it’s just that life has been the same routine for way too long and you feel as if your life is lacking excitement.

Could one or more of these scenarios be yours?

Well, if that’s the case, then I got a solution for you: Adventures! Yes, Adventures is what you need!! Adventures by how you approach your life, where you go, what you do, the practice of stepping out of your comfort zone by trying something new. That’s the kind of adventures I’m talking about. So renewing your passport may not be necessary, though that may be exactly what you need to do… leave the country and travel some place new.

Adventures could look or feel like to you…

    • Signing up for that cooking, photography, writing, or art class that you’ve been meaning to do for all these years now.
    • Learning how to cook or bake for a better healthier lifestyle. Finding new and exciting recipes and ingredients. Deciding to share your new love of cooking/baking with your coworkers, friends, family, and/or someone special.
    • Considering a career change, then signing up for that continuing ed class at your local University.
    • Doing your research about your dream career, so you understand what it will take. Speaking to professionals in the field to learn how they succeeded, their lessons learned, and any advice they can offer. Attending workshops, retreats, and/or conferences where your mentors are speaking and leading. Expanding your horizons and getting exposure to new people and possibilities.
    • Learning to Love Something You Hate. Making that one decision, that one commitment, and being open to change, and allowing your life to shift in ways you could never even imagined, just from that one decision.
    • Traveling, whether a day trip an hour away, a weekend getaway trip, a group tour to a foreign country, an adventure tour trip, or visiting a friend in another state or country.
    • House-sitting for a friend or maybe even exchange living arrangements with someone in another state or country. Kinda like living out the house swapping rom-com movie, The Holiday, with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law. Check out Home Exchange International or Couchsurfing Project or Global Freeloaders for international communities that make this possible!
    • Joining a social/networking group of like-minded individuals or volunteering for an event or fundraiser. Learning behind the scenes of what it takes to make these events happen!
    • Indoor/outdoor rock-climbing, hiking, ziplining, running, canoeing, white-water rafting, yoga, any outdoor fun activities, visiting national parks or a taking a new gym class.
    • Taking day trips, going to events, museum visits/parties, music concerts/festivals, theatre shows/festivals, conferences, workshops, and retreats.
    • Joining a sports team or running club. Check out ZogSports, Discover Outdoors, and Living Social for day trips, outdoor events and sports teams.

If you approach any challenge or something you’re resistant to, asking yourself, how can I make this an adventure and fun? How can I learn from this experience? Then you will learn how to thrive beyond your concerns, and get more out of the experience, than you originally anticipated!! Embrace it for what it is, and acknowledge what comes up for you during and after your adventures. All so you can release the negative beliefs and habits and feel more empowered to keep going after the life you desire!

Whenever we engage in something physically, it has the power to literally shift our energy (mental and emotional) from negativity and anxiety, towards what we want to create for ourselves. It’s up to us on whether we decide to show up in that way to leverage that potential. Dedication and commitment is what it will take to create this change. So start today!

Before you know it, you’ll learn and develop a different mindset of discipline and inner strength. Joy, empowerment, and liberation will be yours to have. Simply commit to this continuous journey of making your life one long adventure of many mini-adventures!

Take Action Now to Honor Your C&R Self!
So, what’s it going to be for you? What adventure(s) will you decide to commit to this month, the next three months, and/or the next six months?

Honor your truth and Start Living More Intentionally Today! Namaste!

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