I have the Courage, the Strength, and the Motivation.
I will let the Judgment Fade away.
I will let the truth Empower and Liberate me.
I will allow myself to be Happy and Reach out for Support when I need it.
I have the Resilience and Self -Determination to make it happen!
And what I want for you, the students, is to recognize and embrace your Courageous & Remarkable Self!

So I dedicate this blog to you – Students of Middle School, High School, and College.

With that in mind, I’m ready to take a risk, not hold anything back, all with the intention of living out my destiny. I plan to accomplish this by sharing my stories, my lessons and mistakes, embarrassing moments, my challenges and successes, my secrets of resilience and determination, my knowledge/insight, and resources with you - all because I feel a great sense of responsibility to do so. Therefore, today I chose to embrace the unknown and allow myself to feel liberated – all so I can become a better version of myself and for you to benefit and learn from everything I share.

Are you ready to join me?

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Join the Courageous & Remarkable Self Movement.
So I can keep supporting you!

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